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Day 1: The Introduction to Longevity Science

The most powerful protection that you can give your body against disease. And how it's possible to live a DISEASE-FREE life, with a healthy weight, and the energy of a 25 year old.

How you can prevent 90 percent of non-smoking cancers with one small change to your diet. (Think breast, colon, and prostate cancers).

5 delicious foods that slow aging and burn fat so quickly that it stays off for good. (and keep it off).

Day 2: The Secret Weapon Against Body Fat

The US Government reports that 70% of Americans are overweight- they’re DEAD WRONG. Here’s why the real number is much higher.

How nurturing this hand-sized area of your body can help prevent breast and prostate cancer.

Can’t get rid of your love handles? It may be because you’re malnourished, here’s why.

Day 3: Modulating Metabolism to Slow Aging

Why having a faster metabolism is NOT a good thing. (And why you should do everything possible to keep it slow.)

How to age backwards without pills, procedures, or exercise. (This is scientifically proven, as tests show that after following this simple plan, the telomere length on your DNA increases)....

How to heal, repair cells, and remove free radicals during your sleep. (HINT: This one mistake stops most Americans from doing so at night).

Day 4: G-BOMBS

The 6 food groups I want you to eat almost every day that melt fat off of your belly, and protect you from chronic disease.

You can buy this food in a can for $.89, and the longest-living, healthiest people in the world eat it.

A special type of soup that you can make once per week that protects you against cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and weight gain.

Why people in medieval times used to pay bills with onions.

Day 5: Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds.

Should you use probiotics? (Hint: This one food is actually MUCH more powerful that probiotics you find at the store).

A study on 2,000 women showed that those who ate more of this had a 64% lower risk of breast cancer.

One food that costs $.89, that lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and lowers blood glucose. (It's like a wonder pill with ZERO side effects).

Day 6: Understanding Cravings and Hunger.

Why it's almost impossible for women to lose weight. (If you ever have hangry sensations, headaches, fatigue, or inability to focus... then you have this).

The "Toxic Hunger" pandemic that has been sweeping across America, and makes it almost impossible for you to lose weight. (Unless you do this).

How fast food and processed foods tap into the same reward circuits in your brain as cocaine. (And how to reverse the damage).

Day 7: The Fast Food Genocide

How oil travels from your lips to your hips in 5 minutes flat.

Why the key to losing weight is eating foods that slowly digest over 3-4 hours, rather than mere minutes.

The biggest health marketing scam ever. And how it's firmly baked into the mediterranean diet.

A special ice cream recipe that loads your body with fat-fighting ingredients. And it has only 3 delicious ingredients.

Day 8: Lower Hormones, Slow Aging, and Prevent Cancer.

How common advice from personal trainers promotes cancer in their clients.

Why counting calories is not enough if you want to lose weight. And how this deadly combination of two foods makes it almost impossible for your body to burn fat.

The only scientifically proven way to reduce your insulin-like growth factor.

Day 9: Fats and Fatty Acids: Good and Bad.

Add this one food to your diet, and it dramatically reduces your risk of dying from heart disease and cancer. (Studies show that one serving of this gives you a 39% risk reduction in cardiovascular death).

The Flaxseed Cancer Killer. This study on men with prostate cancer showed that just adding flaxseed to their diet showed dramatically reduced cancer proliferation.

The difference between good fats and bad fats. (The wrong fats can dramatically increase your chances of getting heart disease... while the right fats lower your risk of dying of heart disease).

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